Dr. Ghajar implants the first Telescopic Lens in Fresno, California

Dr. Ghajar, cataract & corneal specialist, became the first local surgeon to implant a tiny telescopic lens in the eye of one of our patients at the California Eye Institute at St. Agnes.

Dr. Ghajar, who had previously implanted the first artificial corneal transplant in the area for patients with corneal blindness, was almost as excited as our patient. Dr. Ghajar says, “To this day many with advanced macular degeneration had no hopes of recognizing faces of loved ones or being able to read or perform hobbies, but this technology holds the promise of restoring a greater level of functional vision and frankly enjoyment to their lives!”

Dr. Ghajar likes traveling and humanitarian medical service. He enjoys volunteering his time to international ophthalmic missions and has contributed to projects in places such as Honduras, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Nepal, and Tajikistan. He is married, enjoys living in Fresno, and joined the Eye Medical Center in 2008.


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