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Hannibal Alkhas: Christian Iranian painter, sculptor and author (Photos)

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Hannibal Alkhas (1930 – 2010) was a Christian Iranian sculptor, painter and author. His work is deeply inspired by the ancient bas-reliefs and stone sculptures of Ancient Assyria, Babylon and Daric-Persia. Alkhas was born…

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Christian Composer and Coductor Loris Tjeknavorian – one of the most celebrated cultural figures in Iran

Loris Tjeknavorian (also spelled Cheknavarian, Armenian: Լորիս Ճգնավորյան; Persian: لوریس چکناواریان‎, born 13 October 1937) is an Iranian Armenian composer and conductor. He is one of the most celebrated cultural figures in Armenia and Iran. … As a composer Tjeknavorian … Continue reading

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Varand Armenian-Iranian poet and Professor of Armenian literature in Tehran

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Varand (also known as Soukias Hacob Koorkchian (Persian: سوکیاس هاکوب کورکجیان‎ Armenian: Վարանդ Քիւրքչեան) born March 10, 1954, Tehran is an Iranian poet, playwright, lyricist, author, translator and painter of Armenian descent. He has…

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Professor Caro Lucas – renowned Armenian-Iranian scientist

Caro Lucas (Persian: کارو لوکس‎; Armenian: Կարո Լուկաս; September 4, 1949 – July 8, 2010) was a renowned Armenian-Iranian scientist. His many areas of contribution to Iranian scientific society include biological computing, computational intelligence, uncertain systems, intelligent control, fuzzy systems, … Continue reading

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Vartan Gregorian – former president of the Brown University and philanthropist

Vartan Gregorian (Armenian: Persian: وارتان گرگوریان‎, born April 8, 1934) is an Irani-born Armenian-American academic, serving as the president of Carnegie Corporation of New York After receiving his dual PhD in history and humanities from Stanford University in 1964, Gregorian … Continue reading

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Alenush Terian “Mother of Modern Iranian Astronomy”

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“Mother of Modern Iranian Astronomy”She was born in 1920 to an Armenian family in Tehran, Iran. After graduating in 1947 from the Science Department of the University of Tehran, she began her career in the physics laboratory…

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