Varand Armenian-Iranian poet and Professor of Armenian literature in Tehran

The other Iran

Varand (also known as Soukias Hacob Koorkchian ( Persian : سوکیاس هاکوب کورکجیانArmenian : Վարանդ Քիւրքչեան) born March 10, 1954, Tehran is an Iranian poet , playwright , lyricist , author , translator and painter of Armenian descent. He has published 27 collections of poetry since 1972.
He translates both Persian classics as well as modern poetry into the Armenian language.
Varand was the chairman of the Armenian Writers Society of Iran founded in 1961 for over ten years and the professor of the Armenian literature at Azad University of Foreign Languages in Tehran.
Some of his works:
The Road of The Sun (1972) Tehran
Sword And Shadow (1982) Tehran
Roses of Sin (1989) Tehran
Leave of No Return (1999) Tehran
The Sun of Iran In My Soul (2009) Persian Poetry

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