Hamed Haddadi & Arsalan Kazemi: Iranians playing basketball in the NBA


Hamed Haddadi (Persian: حامد حدادی‎, born May 19, 1985) is an Iranian professional basketball player. He plays at the center position and is 2.18 m (7’2″) tall and weighs 265 lbs. Haddadi is the first Iranian to play in the NBA.”


“NBA Draft: Sixers take Arsalan Kazemi, first Iranian NBA player drafted”


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We are two brothers, trying to collect the most interesting excerpts of new articles published mostly in well-known mainstream media. Some times we also pick text snippets from well-known blogs. In our oppinion most articles contain a lot of repetitive and not really relevant text or they are just too long. Our Aim is to reduce interesting articles to their most relevant parts and offer the link to the original article(s). Apart from the subject line the posts do not contain personal opinion, but consist of citations of the original articles. We are secular, against racism, sectarianism and interference in other countries internal conflicts, because it is seldom really well minded, and it mostly worsens the conflict. We focus on current politics but we will occasionally post articles that give a better picture of the overall context.
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3 Responses to Hamed Haddadi & Arsalan Kazemi: Iranians playing basketball in the NBA

  1. Elias says:

    You failed to mention that Haddadi is an Arab Iranian from Ahwaz. Nothing on your site in regard to ethnic minorities that comprise 60% of Iran’s population. Sad but the truth Is that Persian ethnic fascism has spread even into the Intellectual circle of Persian society.

    • radioyaran says:

      Some comments in response to your offensive and insulting comment:
      1. To us all Iranians are equal, no matter what their ethnicity or religion. Whether do we privlige nor do we discriminate someone because of his ethnic or religious background on this site.
      2. The site is called “Iranian” roots not “Persian” roots
      3. The site is primarily adressing non-Iranians. So it is intended to let an American know that Haddadi is from a country who is labelled as “evil” by their former president. In so far it is completely irrelevant whether he is Arab, Gilaki, Kurd, Persian or Baloochi.
      4. What is “Persian ethnic fascism” supposed to be? You are accusing me and probably all “Persian” Iranians of something most of us are not even aware of. Iranians are ethnically so heavily intermixed that one could hardly feel and apply “ethnic fascism”. Many say a major portion of the Qom clerics are ethnically either half-Arabs or half-Turks while many members of the political and military elite – Khamenei included – are of Turkish (Azari) descent.
      5. I know and admit that there are many Iranians who exaggerate their nationalism in that they think Iran (especially ancient preislamic Iran) is the centre of the world, but these people when they speak of Iran include everything Iranian and do not single out the ethnic Persians.

  2. socialinform says:

    Also consider that we did approve your comment even though it included insults to a wide range of people (a behavior that itself is close to fashism) , and also included unfounded accusations about people you do not know. I did not even know that Haddadi was from Ahwaz. We do not know everything about the people we post about, we find interesting personalities by making research on the web, and publish the most important facts that we find for example on Wikipedia. The first lines of the english wikipedia site that we posted does not state that he is from Ahwaz or anything about his ethnic background than that he is iranian, and again why should the authors of the wiki be so small minded to single out ethnics in Iran? Singling out ethnics is usually something fashists do.

    Despite all this we approved your comment, because we believe in democracy, freedom of speech and secularism, thus we let everyone no matter from which ethnic group or which religious group to speak out.

    We also invite you and others to provide us with information about interesting iranian personalities no matter to which ethnic group they belong. I am particularly interested in success stories from minorities.

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