Samira Makhmalbaf one of the world most famous female directors, and winner of multiple international movie awards

The other Iran


Samira Makhmalbaf (Persian: سمیرا مخملباف‎, Samiraa Makhmalbaaf) (born February 15, 1980,[1]Tehran) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian filmmaker and script writer. She is the daughter of Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the film director and writer. Samira Makhmalbaf is considered to be one of the most influential directors as part of the Iranian New Wave.

At the age of 17, after directing two video productions, she went on to direct the movie The Apple.

Samira Makhmalbaf has been the winner and nominee of numerous awards. She was nominated twice for Golden Palm of Cannes Film Festival for Panj é asr (At Five in the Afternoon) (2003) and Takhté siah (Blackboards) (2001). She won Prix du Jury of Cannes, for both films in 2003 and 2001 respectively. Samira Mohmalbaf also won UNESCO Award of Venice Film Festival in 2002 for 11.09.01 – September 11 and Sutherland…

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