Sormeh – Successful Austrian trio with two Iranian women in the European World Music Charts.

It certainly does not happen every day that Austrian bands hit the international charts.

This month the trio Sormeh have claimed the No.12 spot on the European World Music Charts.

Sormeh is a talented group of three musicians that endeavor to override all musical boundaries and oppositions. With their eponymous debut album (released by Lotus Records), Sormeh impressively demonstrate the art of creating excitingly new and innovative music, while at the same time respectfully integrating the traditional and supposedly old.

The ingredients used by Golnar Shahyar (voice, daf, berimbau) and Mona Matbou Riahi (clarinet, vocals), both from Iran, and Jelena Popržan (viola, vocals, loops) from Serbia, are translated into their own vivid and lyrical world music language, ranging from old Jewish songs and chansons from the Levantine Sephardim, cabaret songs about the Balkans and the South East European sound traditions, to those of the Orient. Ever so often mixed with occasional improvisations and sonic experiments, every tone of Sormeh’s pieces is tremendously complex and multi-faceted.

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