Friday March 14th: Nowruz at the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles: “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds”

From 3-6 pm the streets of Skid Row will be transformed into festive medley of traditional Iranian music, dance and a glittering haft sin commemorating the festival of spring.

Everyone’s efforts helped raise over $125,000 to aid the Midnight Mission continue serving those in need of assistance.

Nowruz is not strictly an Iranian holiday but a festival of life and gratitude that cultivates fellowship among all ethnicities and religions.

This year marks the Midnight Mission’s 100th anniversary of helping LA’s most needy residents to reestablish themselves back into society by giving them the proper care, resources and support they need for long-term rehabilitation.

“I’m proud to be part of this remarkable institution, which has successfully evolved in harmony with the Los Angeles region over the last hundred years,” says Larry Adamson, The Midnight Mission’s President and CEO. “By the same token, we are honored to be aligned with the Iranian-American community, who continue their philanthropic pledge to the City and the issue of homelessness.”

Prominent members of the community including philanthropist and real estate developer Shay Maghame as well as Chairman of Farhang Foundation Ali C. Razi will be in attendance as well as other celebrities and community leaders who will participate by volunteering to serve meals, perform, deliver gifts or donate much needed funds to the Mission.
More info and some pictures:

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