Female Pianist Dena Taherianfar awarded with the Bita Prize

The other Iran

Stanford, California – In a ceremony held at Stanford University last Wednesday evening, March 12, 2014, global philanthropist and humanitarian Bita Daryabari awarded the First Annual Bita Prize for Young Persian Artists to acclaimed seventeen-year-old concert pianist Dena Taherianfar.

About Dena Taherianfar
Dena was born in Tehran, in November of 1996. She began taking lessons in piano when she was six years old. Her first teacher was Mrs. Shohreh J. Ghajar. Dena gave her debut concert in the renowned Roudaki Concert Hall of Tehran in 2008. At her teacher’s suggestion, Dena eventually moved to Vienna with her Mother (her father still in Iran) where she began to study piano with Prof. Stanislaw Tichonow at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory. She has won numerous national and international prizes. She performed at the Gala Concert in the House of “Music House” in Vienna and won two first prizes in the Austrian…

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