Dr. Shams-Kolahi – exceptional scientist known for his research in photovoltaic related technologies.


Wahid Shams-Kolahi (Persian: وحید شمس کلاهی) is a scientist and an electrical engineer who is known for his research in photovoltaic related technologies.

Dr. Shams-Kolahi was born in Arak, Iran in 1965. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Stuttgart and joined the graduate school of electrical engineering/electrophysics, led by Professor Werner H. Bloss he obtained hisPhd. from Osaka University Japan in 1997.While at Hamakawa Lab, Wahid Shams-Kolahi conducted research on space made materials and their potential for applications such as the absorption layer of solar cells. The team at Hamakawa Lab led by Shams-Kolahi was chosen by the Spacelab Mission Endeavour project, a cooperation between NASA of the United States and the Japanese NASDA, to study the electrical and optical properties of SiAsTe amorphous- or chalcogenide semiconductors fabricated under microgravity in space as part of Endeavour mission STS-47

Notable projects

Ref :wikipedia.org/wiki/Vahid_Shams_Kolahi

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