Photobook on influential Iranians by awarded photographer Mohammad Kheirkhah

Cite from his site:

Mohammad Kheirkhah is a freelance photographer and Multimedia producer having worked for the BBC, United Press International and Deutsche Welle since 2004. Mohammad won an Award of Excellence from Picture of The Year International contest, a program by Missouri School of Journalism for his picture in Iran in 2007. He is now based in San Francisco, CA.

When we speak of influential Persians, we often reference people of the past, sometimes those who lived 2500 years ago.  However, there are many great Persians who live among us in the present, many who continue to influence the way we see the world through art, music, science, technology, and healthcare, just to name a few. My aim is to shed a little light on their faces and capture their brilliance in a unique book. Imagine holding a photo book full of your favorite people!


Visit his site to learn how you can help him with or without money to finish this project:

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