Bahram Alivandi – Iranian-born Modern artist and winner of International Graphic Art in 1997 in Stockholm.

Bahram Alivandi (1928-21 May 2012) was an Iranian-born Modern artist living in Vienna, Austria.[1] He is known primarily for his paintings, which typically depict stories from Persian mythology and literature, and express oriental mysticis.

He draws influence from Persian culture, depicting characters and stories from legends and epic poetry by important figures like Ferdowsi .

Alivandi’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe and Asia. Important recent exhibitions include:Alivandi’s work  shown at the Headquarters of the United Nations in Vienna.

In December 2007 in Paris, Alivandi was exhibited alongside two French artists at Galerie Art Présent.

 “synthesis of European training with sixty years of artistic experience derived from a deep knowledge of Persian art and spirituality, has resulted in the creation of a new genre that is unique to him.” A French critic noted that Alivandi’s paintings represent a “paradise of dots

Prize : Alivandi won First Prize at the 1st International Graphic Art in 1997 in Stockholm.

Ferdowsi and His Mythos, c.1980s, Vienna, Private Collection. Oil on canvas


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