Houmayoun Mahmoudi British/Iranian cartoonist, graphic artist and designer – winner of several international awards

Houmayoun Mahmoudi / Homayoun Mahmoudi (Persian: همایون محمودی ) born 1966 in Tehran, is a British/Iranian cartoonist, graphic artist and designer. He studied graphic design and art at the University of Tehran and graduated in animation from the Tarbiat Modares University.

He is currently doing PhD research in art and design at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has won numerous international cartoon contests around the world since 1994 and has exhibited in many modern art exhibitions internationally.
1994: Winner of Cesar Marcorelli prize for peace poster design from Biennial of art in Tolentino, Italy.
1996: Special award for a cartoon contest from United nation about the pollution in the world.
1999: First place of anti addiction cartoon festival in Tehran.
2014: The International Award “UMORISTI A MAROSTICA” Of The 46th International Graphic Humour Exhibition (The Theme: “RIGHTS”), Italy.
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