Mehdi Saeedi, young Iranian artist and winnner of multiple international awards

Mehdi saeedi.jpg

Mehdi Saeedi, (Persian: مهدی سعیدی ‎ was born in Tehran), Iran in 1998 .

He has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, biennials and triennials around the world and has won several important prizes both locally and internationally among which are:

Special Award, 7th International Biennial of the Poster, Mexico, 2002.

Award of the President of the Self-Governing Region, 6th Trnava International Poster Triennial, Slovakia, 2006

Grand prize, Taiwan International Poster Design Award, Taiwan, 2007

Top award, 15th International Invitational Poster, Colorado, USA, 2007

Grand prize, “Five stars Designers banquet” International Invitational Poster Triennial 2009.

His works have been published in reputable international magazines and books and exhibited and kept in collections, galleries and museums around the world.

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