Kambiz Derambakhsh – Graphic Designer-Cartoonist-Illustrator

Iranian Cartonist Kambiz Derambakhsh

Iranian Cartonist Kambiz Derambakhsh

Graphic Designer-Cartoonist-Illustrator Kambiz Derambakhsh

Date of birth: 1942
Place of birth: Shiraz, Iran

Education: Graduated from Tehran Academy of Fine Arts

Press activities: 55 years of continuous cooperation with well-known local and international newspapers and magazines

Exhibitions: 50 individual exhibitions inside and outside Iran and tens of collective exhibitions inside and outside Iran

International prizes and honours: Winner of First Prizes at the greatest and most accredited international caricature competitions in Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Brazil and Yugoslavia; winner of several other international prizes

• Guest judge at several international caricature exhibitions
• Honorary member of Iranian Association of Graphic Designers
• Honorary member of Iranian Association of Visual Arts
• Member of Iranian Association of Veteran Artists
• Member of Iranian Guild Association of Journalists
• Received First-class Art Medal and Badge (equivalent in value to a Ph D) from Iranian Association for Development of Visual Arts
• Admitted to, and the person in charge of safe keeping at, the world’s accredited museums including Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum, Academy of Arts, Saba House, National Library, Man Honar No Museum, Iranian Syndicate of Graphic Designers, Avignon Museum in Paris, Basel Caricature Museum in Switzerland, Gabrovo Caricature Museum in Bulgaria, Hiroshima Museum in Japan, Anti-war Museum in Yugoslavia, Istanbul Caricature Museum in Turkey, Warsaw Caricature Museum in Poland, Frankfurt Municipality Hall in Germany and ….
• Author of several books on illustration and caricature, among them: “No Comments” (Iran), “Contemporary Satirists in Iran” (Austria), “Kambiz’ Book” (Italy), “The World is My Home” (France), “Diaries of Angels”, “Don’t Bother the Labouring Ant”, “Had da Vinci Seen Me”, “Laughing Olympics”, “Scratch Symphony” and several other books which are to be published
• Teaching records as Professor of Caricature at University of Tehran
• Activities and works in field of advertising (book covers design, illustration of children’s books, posters, short films, post cards, calendars and ….)
• Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 2014

Kambiz Derambakhsh by Bozorgmehr Hosseinpur on Derambakhsh's birthday in June 2012

Kambiz Derambakhsh by Bozorgmehr Hosseinpur on Derambakhsh’s birthday in June 2012

More about Kambiz Derambakhsh on May 2008 in payvand.com:
Kambiz Derambakhsh – A Peace Loving and Poetical Cartoonist by Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Some of his works:

Kambiz-Derambakhsh-Paris-Cartoons-3 cartoon-by-Kambiz-Derambakhsh5   artwork-by-Kambiz-Derambakhsh cartoon-by-Kambiz-Derambakhsh4 10636281_802746573110212_1051382361509220344_n 10525650_786359994748870_4798465993941166022_n 10494645_797494973635372_205541234800487327_n10659235_819062368145299_7911013374726625083_n 10405314_786359121415624_2415026343728891050_n 10487236_782779281773608_5162491078754247390_n 10360187_795169660534570_5049923598282819559_n 934824_808478832536986_4518386209212638812_n 10177430_819062178145318_3042857439245069976_n 10342777_765362526848617_3913612638912698187_n 10256446_736354316416105_4628309011799207220_n

Sources: Facebook | Kambiz Derambakhsh – Info, Facebook | Kambiz Derambakhsh – Photo Albums

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