Iranian-Swiss Woman Nominated For Oscar For Her Short Film “Parvaneh”

Iranian-Swiss film director and screenwriter Talkhon Hamzavi has been nominated for an Oscar at the 87th Academy Awards in the Short Film (Live Action) category for her work “Parvaneh” along with the producer Stefan Eichenberger.

Film: “Parvaneh”
Director: Talkhon Hamzavi
Producer: Stefan Eichenberger (Zurich University of Arts)
Year of production: 2012
Stars: Brigitte Beyeler, Cheryl Graf, Nissa Kashani

Film Synopsis
Parvaneh is a young Afghan immigrant who recently arrived at a transit centre for asylum seek-ers in the Swiss Alps. The only things she has got to know yet are the rural area surrounding the centre and the centre itself. When she receives a phone call about her father’s bad health condition, she decides to send all her illegally acquired money to her family. Therefore, she must travel to Zurich. On arrival she is overwhelmed by the hectic of the city, the mass of advertisement and the noise of the streetcars. As she doesn’t own a valid passport, she is unable to make the money transfer on her own. In broken German, she asks various people to help her out. But the only one caring is a punk girl called Emily. This starts a series of unusual encounters, as she explores the unknown city and culture with Emily and leads into a new perspective and an unusual friendship.

Academy Awards History
These are the first Academy Award nominations for Talkhon Hamzavi and Stefan Eichenberger.

More information about director Talkhon Hamzavi:
Iranian director Talkhon Hamzavi has been shortlisted for the best Live Action Short Film at the 2015 Oscars

Payvand News of Iran
Parvaneh  Short Film – Live Action – Nominees – Oscars 2015

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