Arash Ferdowsi – Dropbox co-founder

Pars Equality Center (PEC) and more than 800 guests celebrated its 4th Annual Nowruz Gala in honor of the Persian New Year at San Francisco’s Marriott Waterfront Burlingame Hotel.

A special highlight at this year’s gala was Uber investor and PEC advisory board member Shervin Pishevar (Sherpa Ventures) awarding his $100k genius grant, dubbed the “Cyrus Prize,” to Dropbox co-founder Arash Ferdowsi.

Dropbox is now used by a quarter of a billion people around the world and valued at 10 billion dollars.

About Pars Equality Center

Founded by Bita Daryabari in 2010, the Pars Equality Center (PEC) is a non-profit organization, and the first of its kind, supporting the full integration of people of Persian (Iranian) origin in the United States.  PEC provides social and legal support for all members of the Iranian-American community, including refugees, asylees, immigrants and the American-born.  …  For more information, please visit

Bita Daryabari and husband Dr. Reza Malek.

About the Cyrus Prize

Sherpa Ventures investor Shervin Pishevar created the $100k “Cyrus Prize” genius grant for Iranian innovators.   The prize is named after the Persian King and inventor, Cyrus the Great.

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