Professor Kamran Eshraghian – inventor and recipent of multiple awards

Kamran Eshraghian (born 1945 in Tehran/Iran) is an electronic engineer notable for being a key early pioneer of VLSI in Australia. He is one of the fathers of CMOS VLSI design and his books have been influential on a par with the Mead & Conway revolution.


Professor Eshraghian has developed over 40 patents which have influenced many areas of Nano technology, Electronics Engineering, Mirror Neurons, . A vast majority of these inventions have revitalized many areas of electronic engineering, some call him the Great-Great Grandson of Sir Isaac Newton.

Eshraghian is the recipient of a number of awards and grants such as the architect and recipient of grant from Government of Western Australia in 2003 for establishment of Centre of Excellence for MicroPhotonics Systems.

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