Iranian-German photojournalist Kaveh Rostamkhani

Iranian-German photojournalist Kaveh Rostamkhani has won the gold medal of China’s photojournalism competitions for his project “The youth in Iran seeking identity.”

About: Kaveh Rostamkhani is an independent Iranian-German photojournalist. He got into photography in 2005 and taught himself autodidactically until he was later mentored by other photographers.

In 2009 he served as an intern with AFP in Berlin and since then his work has been published in various publications such as Le Monde, Liberation, Los Angles Times and others. In late 2009 he started studying photojournalism and documentary photography in Hanover, Germany. He continued his studies at the University of Wales, Newport in 2012 from where he holds a degree.

Presently he pursues personal documentary projects and is available for editorial, corporate and portrait assignments. His recent editorial clients include Capital, Cicero, Helsingin Sanomat, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Suddeutsche Zeitung and Die Tageszeitung. He has also worked with Mashallah News, TONIC Magazin, Reporters Without Borders (Germany) and Unicef Germany as a contributor. Besides photographing, he occasionally writes articles about current issues concerning photojournalism in Die Tageszeitung.

His work has been on display in several group exhibitions in London, Berlin, Hanover and Munich as well as in Tehran and Tbilisi.

He fluently speaks English, Farsi and German and has some advanced knowledge in French. He lives in Berlin and Hanover.

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