Reihaneh (Rei) Safavi-Naini – Professor of Computer Science

Reihaneh (Rei) Safavi-Naini (Persian: ريحانه صفوی نائينی ‎) is the AITF Strategic Chair in Information Security at the University of Calgary, Canada. Before joining University of Calgary in 2007, she was a Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Informatics and the Director of Telecommunication and Information Technology Research Institute (TITR) and Centre for Information Security at the University of Wollongong, Australia.
She received a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineeringcoding theory under supervision of Prof. Ian F. Blake from University of Waterloo, Canada, after completing her BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering in University of Tehran. Her current research interests include information theoretic security, provable security, network security, digital and privacy rights management, and multimedia security.

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