Professor Fazlollah Reza -Highly awarded scientist

He was one of the first graduates from Tehran University who majored in Electrical Engineering.
In 1945, he completed his master’s degree in Columbia University in the United States and received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University of New York.
Professor Reza has been a member of Electrical Engineers Group in the school of engineering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, United States, as well as a visiting professor in many great universities of the world, including MTI, Syracuse in Colorado, United States, Sorbonne University in France, McGill and Concordia Universities in Canada, Zurich Polytechnic Institute in Swiss, and Royal University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
Additionally, he has won many different medals and numerous honor certificates from institutions in North America, Europe, and Iran. At present, he is a member in educational and research institutions such as I.E.E., I.E.E.E, and A.A.AS.A.M.S.
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