Farzan Ashour Zadeh Fallah aka “Tsunami” – the Iranian highscholer who won the World Taekwondo Grandprix 2014 in Mexico

The other Iran

In the final bout of the men’s -58kg category on Dec. 3, 2014 in an event that is considered the pinnacle of elite taekwondo, the gold medal was won by an Iranian who can boast skill and talent in spades – but is a mere lad who is not only still at high school, but as a 4th poom, does not even hold a black belt.

Despite his soaring ambition and remarkable talent, off the mats “The Tsunami” is menacing neither to look at nor to listen to: The laid-back teenager is tall and gangly, softly spoken and polite.

With regards to his personal training, he takes two rest days a week. His conditioning focuses on bodybuilding for strength (his tall, thin frame looks deceptively fragile); plyometrics for explosiveness; and of course running: long distance for overall endurance and sprint work in the run-up to competitions.

He started…

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